Why Choose Blackbird

I have over 20 years of leadership experience in the nonprofit sector with success in supporting nonprofit Executive Directors, Board of Directors, and staff with training, technical assistance, and capacity-building on issues such as board governance, board development, board recruitment, mission-driven program and policy development, strategic planning, and grant acquisition and management.

I also have a successful history of leading workshops, presenting keynote addresses, and developing curricula on topics such as, but not limited to: trauma-informed services, cultural humility, being an adult survivor of childhood abuse, disaster preparedness and response, forming successful multidisciplinary community collaboratives, and the importance of listening sessions to best serve a nonprofit’s constituency.

Experience aside, what really matters to me is making sure nonprofit organizations recognize their value and harness their potential so the causes they support benefit exponentially.

Because of my work within the field of the intervention and prevention of gender-based violence prior to starting Blackbird, I have a unique perspective on issues such as community organizing, popular education for social change, creating coordinated community responses to violence, and disaster response – human and nature-made. I am committed to social justice and I recognize the oppressive systems that create and maintain violence in our culture. As a result, I strive to create spaces that value diversity, equity and inclusion – all the while recognizing my own societal privileges as a white women. This perspective has translated well into helping my clients solve complex issues and create new visions for their organization’s future.

“Following a successful completion of a significant project our small environmental association was struggling. Of all the needs in our area where should we focus our limited resources? The board was not unified with the idea of utilizing an outside consultant or the need for a strategic plan but with a slim majority voting to move in that direction we contracted with Julie Ann. Her proposal was customized with our needs (and skepticism) in mind and while the first meeting exposed some challenges in getting people on board she worked smoothly and professionally through them. In the end we had an updated Mission statement, created our first Vision statement and developed a strategic plan that will drive our resource allocation and keep us focused. She orchestrated our meetings with a gentle determination and the result was perfection!”

Sue Kelly, Immediate Past President, Torch Lake Protection Alliance