Building Your Unique Leadership Practice
Your Leadership is akin to the “Practice” of a unique set of skills that you are continually updating and refining to serve you and the teams you lead. Think of your Leadership Practice like a doctor’s medical practice, or lawyers practice of law.

Meet Russ Kavalhuna

With experiences ranging from garbage collector, airline captain, federal prosecutor, and college president, Russ works to help leaders build their Leadership Practice to be an excellent leader. Russ has watched and studied leadership through direct interactions and curricula with four US Presidents, Harvard University, and the Aspen Institute. He shares lessons learned and what has worked in his Leadership Practice, focusing on those Leadership Practices that work across the cockpit, courtroom, to the boardroom.

What Russ Does

Public Speaking

Russ enjoys presenting his work on his Leadership Practice to groups of all sizes. He encourages audiences to see themselves as leaders and to ask themselves about their Leadership Practice. He shares stories about his Leadership Practice, including strategies he learned from other leaders in a wide range of positions, ranging from US Presidents, airline captains, and garbage collectors.

leadership coaching

As a college president, with leadership and teaching experience ranging from a two-year college, a public university, and a law school, Russ shares leadership strategies to tackle today’s higher education challenges.
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Title of Book

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What People Are Saying

How is your Leadership Practice?

Russ can help you answer that question.